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Boating Safety Equipment You Must Have

Article By: Kandence Buchanan
Whether you're piloting a 40-foot sailboat or a canoe, the United States Coast Guard requires that every boat carry certain safety equipment. The equipment is not expensive or hard to find and may save your life in an emergency. Boaters who carry the standard safety equipment are statistically far... more »

Caring for Your Inflatable Boat - Common Sense & Consistency Are the Keys

Article By: C.J. Gustafson
Thousands of years ago, the first inflatable boats, made from animal skins, were used for transportation. People used them to cross rivers, ferry goods to other locations, and move military troops. Over time, inflatable boats were adapted for recreational use as well, and for rescue operations.... more »

Flexible Fishing Boats! The Good Fish Can't Hide From You Anymore

Fishing boats have come a long way since the days when you had to purchase the large metal or wood boat with the massive gas guzzling motors attached. Now even though these boats are still popular, some fishing enthusiasts are searching for alternatives to this expensive investment, and are now... more »

From Personal Belly Boats to High Performance Racers - An Overview of Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats, also called rubber boats or dinghies, have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. They now come in many different sizes and models and include inflatable kayaks, sport boats, and inflatable catamarans. Their versatility and relatively low cost have contributed... more »

Inflatable Boats and Inflatable Kayaks Are Naturally Safe and Stable

Article By: C.J. Gustafson
Inflatable boats such as inflatable kayaks, inflatable catamarans, and inflatable sport boats have several advantages over their traditional watercraft counterparts. They typically cost less, are easy to transport, and can operate in more shallow waters than a deep hull boat. But many people donít... more »

Kayak Fishing

Article By: Marcus Peterson
Gone are the days when most fishing sports and activities require boats; though there are still some who prefer the traditional boating experience, many have switched to the use of kayaks. Bringing your fishing experience to new and diverse levels, kayak fishing will enable you to reach certain... more »

Kayaking Gifts for Christmas

Article By: Richard Chapo
Finding good Christmas gifts ideas is easy if you think about a persons hobbies. If you are buying for person who enjoys kayaking, here are a few ideas for kayaking gifts. Kayaking Gifts Kayaking is a sport that appears to require relatively small amounts of equipment. In truth, it is much... more »

Kayaking: The Basics for Beginners

Article By: Anne Clarke
You need to understand the basic rules of kayaking in order to fully enjoy your kayaking adventure, and make sure you also have the tools necessary to learn kayaking the easy way as you get started. The basic instructions for kayaking are similar to those for most water sports such as canoeing,... more »

Life Jackets and PDF's - Essential Safety Devices

Article By: Matt Hick
Life jackets may be the #1 safety device needed for all boaters. No matter what your age, or experience, a life jacket or PDF is a must-have for everyone on board! Life Jackets: Life jackets come in two main styles: standard and small vessel. Standard life jackets are the most recommended since... more »

Modern Kayak Types

Article By: Milsos Pesic
Modern kayaks may be categorized into sea kayak, white water kayak, racing kayak, and surf kayak. These kayaks are made from wood, rotomolded plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiber over aluminum or wooden frame. They are available in single, double, and sometimes even in three- or... more »

Rigging A Kayak for Serious Sportfishing

Article By: Richard Young
Setting up for kayak fishing really allows you to enjoy the sport to its fullest. Thereís an understandable joy in hooking into a great fish and having everything you need from secure rod holders to landing equipment and storage right at your fingertips. Making your kayak such a joy to fish from... more »

The Convenience Of Inflatable Boats

Article By: Trevor Kugler
The convenience that inflatable boats provide is hard to beat. I know what you're thinking too. You're thinking that inflatable boats are like those play things that people use to screw around with in the pool. In reality, I'm talking about quality inflatable boats. The kind that can stand up to a... more »

The Interesting History of Kayaks and the Sport of Kayaking

Article By: Craig Dawber
The first kayaks were created thousands of years ago by arctic inhabitants now known as the Intuits. These early indigenous people, formerly known as Eskimos, inhabited areas of Greenland, the northeastern point of Russia, Alaska, and the uppermost regions of Canada. Early Eskimos made kayak frames... more »

What Is Best For You; An Inflatable Kayak Or A Hard-Shell Kayak?

Article By: Kevin Brown
If you are buying a kayak for the very first time it is very exciting but there are a lot of things that you need to consider and to think about. You will need to consider what type of kayak you need for the type of activity you will be doing with it. What types of kayaks are there? * Hard... more »

What You Need to Know About a Kayak Cart

Article By: Nathalie Lafleur
A kayak cart is a piece of equipment that makes it easier for you to transport your kayak by yourself, regardless of where that may be. Generally a kayak cart will have a plug-in feature which makes it quick, easy, and convenient; all you have to do is roll the kayak over onto one side, plug the... more »