GTS Hydration Pack (Pack Only)

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The GTS Hydration pack is the ultimate hydration tool for the modern kayaker. This convenient, efficient, and easy to clean bladder and hose system is a kayak accessory you literally can’t live without. As with all of our interchangeable GTS Packs, the GTS Hydration pack clips into the back of your GTS Expedition, GTS Pro, GTS Airwave, or GTS Elite kayak seat. Having available drinking water right on your back, and the easy to use drinking hose within arms reach, could be the difference between a great day on the water and a bad case of heatstroke.

The GTS Hydration pack is comprised of a low profile zipper pouch that contains a 24 oz. bladder with a durable drinking hose. The hose has a self-sealing tip and comes over your shoulder from the top of the pack. This pack makes staying hydrated that much easier, and we all know how important that can be when you spend long hours on the water in the heat of the sun. Like all of our GTS packs, the Hydration Pack can be traded out for any of the other packs in the line, allowing you to customize your seat for a specific paddling experience.