NEC Monitor Hood Sunshade

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The NEC Monitor Hood was designed with the professional in mind. This NEC Monitor Hood helps to shield your monitor from window glare, overhead lighting, reflections and your nosy co-worker. You get better visualization and better color representation. NEC Monitor Hoods are made in-house from ¼” thick soft to the touch molded foam and fabric design with an internal metal frame for firm support and durability. Velcro straps provide a simple no-hassle installation. It folds flat for easy storage. It's a perfect solution for professionals who rely on color accuracy for their work and privacy. Available for 30 inch monitors and 27 inch NEC monitors.


  • Made for NEC 27” or NEC 30” Monitors
  • Reduces screen glare for more accurate color representation
  • Shields monitor from window and overhead lighting; increases privacy
  • Made in-house with ¼” foam and fabric with a metal internal frame for firm support and durability
  • Velcro straps provide a simple no-hassle installation
  • Hood depth is approximately 8 ½” wide
  • Made in the USA