Custom Molded Components

Do you have an existing product design that requires a custom molded component? Our thermoforming and laminating facility can handle everything from designing the molds and dies to imprinting the final product with a custom logo or design. We can custom build molded components that will easily integrate with almost any design.

We’ve made custom molded components for everything from military and rescue equipment to BMW motorcycles and custom kayak seats with embossed logos. A unique molded back panel or shoulder pad can make all the difference in the world to the end user of a back pack, fanny pack, or messenger bag. If you already have a design in the works, or you’re looking to prototype a traditional piece of equipment with some molded foam components, we can help you get the job done. Molded foam brings a level of quality and a technical aesthetic that traditional plastics and fabrics just can't compete with.

Don't forget that we have a wide variety of existing products, ranging from back packs and kayak seats, to camera cases and CD binders that we are ready to custom emboss with your logo or molding pattern. Over the years we’ve custom branded many of our most popular kayak seats for our dealers and excursion specialists. If you’re looking for top to bottom product and business integration, custom molding and branding signifies a product is uniquely yours. Submit your original design and logo ideas or consult with our design team for prototyping and brainstorming. Either way, molded foam is a cost effective way to improve the quality and versatility of your custom gear.