Electronics and Instrument Cases

Nothing provides the absolute in instrument storage and protection like a custom designed case. Our combinations of semi-rigid foam or plastic laminated with low-density foam and soft fabrics cradle any instrument or fragile electronic device for the ultimate in custom protection in the form of a hardshell with a soft interior.

From Garmin to Hewlett-Packard, we've designed, prototyped, and manufactured custom electronics cases for some of the biggest names in the industry. Laptops, handheld computers, smart phones, PDAs, GPS devices, and other industry specific devices can be the most expensive investments your company or your customers will make. Unique thermoformed accessories are the best way to protect these precious instruments from the wear and tear of daily use. With custom access points and unique attachment methods, we can design a case or holster that keeps your equipment accessible and safe.

Molded foam is uniquely suited to the construction and contracting industry for two main reasons: it’s lightweight and it’s incredibly durable. The flexibility that comes with molded foam provides an extra level of lasting protection that hard plastics (which often crack, snap, or become brittle) cannot compete with. Living hinges, unique access points, and interior cushioning are all available in inclusive designs utilizing as few as one or two parts for cost-effective storage solutions. We can mold foam or high-density plastic into almost any shape with very few limitations. And all our products are sewn, bound, and quality assured by real people in our local facility.