iPad Mini Mount and Sun Shade for Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone Controller

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Designed specifically to function compatibly with an iPad Mini and the included mounting clip on the controller for your Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone, our mount and sun shade does double duty keeping you focused on the important things. Every attachment is Velcro based for quick setup, teardown, and adjustment. The clip mount is a rigid piece of heavy duty plastic securely sewn to the mounting plate. This is a simple and elegant solution to the biggest hindrance for drone photographers and cinematographers.


  • Designed specifically for the iPad Mini and controller mounting clip on the Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone
  • Velcro attachments are secure and easy to use
  • Molded foam, weatherproof fabrics, and industrial strength webbing
  • Breaks down and folds flat for easy storage and transport