Performance Back Band - Hawaiian

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Back Band Tropical Kayak Seat

Yes, our taller seats rock when it comes to all day paddling, but they are not always the best kayak surfing. A taller kayak seat is better for distance paddling or for hours on the water however, they don''t perform as well when taking off too late on a wave and perling. Being able to lean back in this instance is what shorter kayak seats enable you to do. You need fine balance of lasting support and flexibility when in the waves with a kayak and that is what the performance back band dishes out. You get the versatility of being able to lean way back in your kayak when taking off too late in a wave and the luxury of fatigue reducing back support when paddling out. The Tropical back bands wide range of motion makes it an ideal choice for high-level surfing. Made from durable molded foam and heavy duty fabric the Performance Back Band provides a simple yet high-performance solution for all types of paddlers. For the rear attachment of the seat you have the option of 1.5'' plastic side squeeze buckles, {typically for older sit on top kayak}, or the more versatile marine grade solid brass clips that fit almost any kayak decking . Available in Tropical Blue or Solid Black.


  • Simple basic kayak seat attachment.
  • Marine grade solid brass fittings front and rear.
  • Thermoformed foam fabric combination.
  • Great basic kayak seat for kayak surfing.