GTS Standard Zipper Pack (Pack Only)

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The GTS Standard pack is a must have kayaking accessory for any paddler. This pack takes puts a generously sized, splashproof pouch at your fingertips. The huge storage pouch can hold your lunch, sunscreen, and some “liquid courage” so your kayak stays uncluttered and organized. As with all of our interchangeable GTS Packs, the GTS Standard pack clips into the back of your GTS Expedition, GTS Pro or GTS Elite kayak seat. Having easy access to weatherproof storage, right on your back, could be the difference between a great day on the water and soggy disaster.

This pack is comprised of a generously sized splashproof pouch made from durable industrial strength fabric and heavy duty nylon webbing. Two clips snap into your GTS Seat’s built in receiving clips for easy attachment and detachment. Like all of our GTS packs, the Standard Pack can be traded out for any of the other packs in the line, allowing you to customize your seat for a specific paddling experience.


  • Constructed from heavy duty splashproof fabric and industrial strength nylon
  • A generously sized splash proof pouch
  • Two plastic side-squeeze buckles for quick and easy attachment
  • Fits the GTS Expedition, GTS Pro, and GTS Elite kayak seats.
  • PACK ONLY – Seats sold separately