Warranty Info

Surf to Summit Limited Lifetime Warranty

Surf to Summit Inc. products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, even after extended use, we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Damage not covered under warranty will be repaired at our discretion. In most cases, if you pay for the shipping, we'll repair the item for free.

At our discretion, we may require the damaged product to be returned for evaluation before making a commitment to repair or replace it. For warranty evaluation, your product must be returned directly to Surf to Summit Inc., 7234 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93117. It is the responsibility of the customer to ship the item and Surf to Summit Inc. is not liable for any lost or damaged shipments. The product must be packaged in a suitable box with proper protection. The product must be cleaned to the best of your ability before being shipped.

What does "lifetime" mean?

The term "lifetime" in our warranty policy refers to the "life" of the product under normal use conditions. The lifetime of a product can vary depending on the frequency and intensity of use. Within that lifetime, we warrant our products to be free of manufacturing and material defects.

"Lifetime" does NOT mean "forever." Our lifetime warranty does not grant you and endless supply of Surf to Summit seats, nor does it grant you access to endless free repairs of damage caused by normal wear and tear.

NOTE TO OUTFITTERS OF RENTAL FLEETS: Use in a rental fleet is NOT considered normal use. Warranty claims by outfitters of rental fleets will be handled on a case by case basis.

Are rips and tears covered by warranty?

We manufacture all of our products to meet our superior standards. However, regardless of how carefully you use, or how well you care for your Surf to Summit product, it will eventually begin to show age and wear. The Surf to Summit Inc. warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, regardless of the age of the product, but it does not cover normal wear and tear.

How do I file a warranty claim?

To file a warranty claim on your Surf to Summit Inc. product please call 800-930-8782, MON-FRI, 8AM-5PM PST, and speak to a customer service representative.