Original Equipment Manufacturing

From custom storage cases and holsters to private labeling kayak seats and molded components, we do it all. Surf to Summit Inc. offers a full suite of design, tooling, thermoforming, die-cutting and manufacturing services. From the original sketches to the last bit of stitching, our facility in Santa Barbara, CA is a fully capable thermoforming, molding, fabric to foam laminating, die-cutting, sewing, and custom branding shop.

We offer competitive pricing, personal design and prototyping consultation, and the satisfaction and pride that comes standard on all products made in America. For submissions and inquiries related to OEM projects please call 805-964-1896, or by email at sales@surftosummit.com.


Tool and Device Holsters

From GPS Computers to Electric Drills, our thermoforming and foam molding technologies allow for lightweight, durable, and protective enclosures for any device. Any holster can be custom designed with unique access points, attachment methods, and custom logos, tags, and embossing.


Electronics and Instrument Cases

Nothing provides the absolute in instrument storage and protection like a custom designed case. Our combinations of semi-rigid foam or plastic laminated with low-density foam and soft fabrics cradle any instrument or fragile electronic device for the ultimate in custom protection in the form of a hardshell with a soft interior.


Custom Molded Components

Do you have an existing product design that requires a custom molded component? Our thermoforming and laminating facility can handle everything from designing the molds and dies to imprinting the final product with a custom logo or design. We can custom build molded components that will easily integrate with almost any design.