Product Care

How do I care for my Surf to Summit seat?

Your Surf to Summit thermoformed kayak seat is a top of the line sporting good, manufactured to strict quality standards and fully warranted for the lifetime of the product. Although our seats are built to last right out of the box, you can help extend the potential life of your Surf to Summit seat through a simple care regimen. In some cases, failure to properly care for your Surf to Summit seat, or other negligent activity, may void your warranty.

1. Do NOT leave your kayak seat in your kayak when it is not in use.
a. The tension lock strapping system on your Surf to Summit kayak seat is designed to be leaned on, yanked, and manhandled while still maintaining the precision to micro adjust to your specific ergonomic needs. It is not designed to secure your seat to your kayak 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the next 50 years. As with any tension based system, the lifetime of the system is dependent on the frequency and intensity of use. Unhooking the seat and removing it from the boat entirely when not in use, will vastly increase your seat's potential lifespan.

b. Surf to Summit seats are manufactured through a proprietary thermoforming process. The key factor of which, is, of course, heat. Normal day to day use of your seat in direct sunlight and humid environments will NOT adversely affect the lifespan of your seat. Leaving your kayak seat in your boat, sitting in the sun, all day every day, in extreme heat (110°F or above) may eventually result in slight degradation of materials, the cumulative effect of which, could decrease the potential lifespan of your seat.

2. Rinse your seat with fresh water and allow it to dry before storing it.
a. Our solid brass snaps are marine grade and have stainless steel springs. Even so, salt water is a tough customer with incredible corrosive abilities. Leaving your seat drenched in sea water while in storage will eventually decrease its lifespan. Rinse your seat with fresh water from a hose after every use. Take special care to rinse out the spring chambers of the brass snaps and any zippers or other moving parts. Be sure to zip and unzip your zipper multiple times while rinsing it to ensure that it does not seize up in storage.