Flush Mount Fishing Rod Holder

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These easy to install sealed Flush Mount Rod Holders are a must on all fishing kayaks. Most of the flush mount rod holders on the market today are not equipped with sealed caps. The last thing you need is a 2" hole in your kayak or canoe. Our capped rod holders keep water out and your rods in. They're perfect for kayaks and canoes, and versatile enough to accommodate narrow bass and fly rods, and large diameter coastal and offshore setups.

When mounting on sit-on-top kayaks your initial hole should be 2" in diameter, then augured out to form an oblong hole that measures 2.5" its widest point. If your kayak does not provide access to the inside of the hull than we recommend using our marine grade Self-Sealing Pop Rivets to mount your pole holder to the kayak deck. We recommend applying a high grade silicon sealant to the underside of the flange of the Flush Mount Rod Holder during installation. This helps stabilize and secure your pole holder and minimizes any water infiltration.


  • Fishing pole holdrer shaft length 9,5 inches
  • Fishing pole holder shaft inside dimension 1-5/8 inches