Door Guard Molded Foam Door Ding Preventer

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The days of accidentally banging your car door against the wall in your garage or carport are over. The DoorGuard molded foam garage accessory is an adhesive-backed pad that you can stick on any relatively smooth surface to protect your door from impacts with the surrounding surfaces. Perfect for small garages, workshops, tight fits in carports, and any area you may need to add some protection. Don't stop with your car door either, you can use DoorGuard to protect the walls and objects in your garage and shop from any sort of unplanned impact. The high density molded foam provides a cushy barrier and features a diamond plate molding pattern that fits right in at your garage or shop.


  • Measures: 30" x 4"
  • Molded foam
  • Diamond plate pattern
  • Red color
  • Industrial strength adhesive backing