Insulated Double Wine Tote

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The Insulated Single Wine Tote just wasn't enough, was it? You always want more! Well here you go, the Insulated Double Wine Tote holds two whole bottles of your favorite fermented grape mash! Stylish and practical, this insulated wine accessory is a bottle carrier like no other. A soft, terry-lined interior gently cradles your precious rotgut, while the thermoformed foam exterior insulates and protects against impacts. A heavy-duty, dual-head zipper provides quick access while an adjustable shoulder strap brings some welcome comfort and ease to the tricky business of wine transportation. The whole shebang is rounded out with a corkscrew that fits securely in an exterior pocket for your convenience.


  • Insulated wine carrier
  • Holds two bottles
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Heavy-duty dual-head zipper
  • Corkscrew included