Mammoth Rack Pack

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The Mammoth Rack Pack is the Big Daddy of bicycle storage. This thermoformed cycling accessory is an essential item for any rider looking for large capacity storage. Our unique combination of heat molded foam and plastic provides a large storage area that is light and easily detachable without sacrificing integrity and durability. We know what it’s like out there on, and off, the road. You, and your stuff, can take a beating, and you need the right kind of protection for both. This was the impetus for the Mammoth Rack Pack and we daresay the execution was flawless. For the cyclist that demands quality and quantity, the Mammoth Rack Pack is the only bike bag you will ever need.

The Mammoth Rack Pack is handcrafted in our production facility in the United States using our proprietary thermoforming and foam laminating processes. We start by laminating a layer of cross-linked, low-density, soft, polyethylene EVA foam to a layer of high-density polyethylene plastic. This pairing provides that elusive combination of rigidity and softness and is the backbone of our entire line. Then, we laminate the foam with a layer of super low-pile terrycloth to carefully cradle your personal items. Finally, we laminate the high-density polyethylene plastic with a layer of industrial strength fabric to protect your bag, and your belongings, from the elements. This foam/plastic/fabric sandwich is then thermoformed into a rigid shell that never loses its shape.

The plastic/foam shell of the Mammoth Rack Pack is outfitted with a double zipper system situated laterally on the upper third of the Mammoth Rack Pack. The zipper traverses three sides of the Mammoth Rack Pack allowing you to open the pack a full 180° so you never have to dig or squint while trying to locate items in the large, 335 cubic inch interior. On the exterior of the Mammoth Rack Pack you will find a bungee cord cross-threaded through six nylon loops on the top of the pack. This adjustable bungee cord can be used to secure a variety of items that you may need quicker access to.

The Mammoth Rack Pack is secured to your bicycle’s rack via two adjustable Velcro® and nylon straps. Each strap is sewn to the pack and then threaded through an adjustable glider, which allows the pack to adapt to a variety of racks.


  • Interior layer of cross-linked, low-density, soft, polyethylene EVA foam laminated with super low-pile terrycloth to protect your personal items
  • Exterior layer of high-density polyethylene laminated with durable exterior fabric for long lasting, weather-resistant protection
  • Adjustable Velcro® strapping system allows for attachment to a variety of bicycles and racks
  • Cross-threaded bungee cord system on top exterior of rack pack for securing irregular items
  • 335 cubic inch capacity
  • Measures: 12"L x 7"W x 6"H