Molded Flip-down Case for Garmin® GPS Dakota Series 10 and 20

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This molded foam flip-down case was specially designed to protect, and provide easy access to, your Garmin® GPS Dakota Series 10 or 20 while you hike. It's unique design features a mini draw bridge style cord that allows you to lower one half of the clamshell design to a 90° angle for viewing and use without having to remove the case from your belt, or remove the GPS device from the case. An integrated "pass-through" power button allows you to activate the device in the case, and a removable carriage holds everything in place. A heavy-duty belt clip is riveted to the back, and a wrap around zipper completes the unit. The exterior of the case is heavy-duty 1580 denier ballistic fabric laminated to a rigid foam body for protection from the elements and dings, dents and scratches.

Designed for use with GARMIN® products. GARMIN® is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd. in the United States and other countries.


  • Designed for Garmin GPS Dakota Series 10 and 20
  • Flip-down design allows access while on your belt
  • Pass-through power button tab allows for in-case activation
  • 1580 denier rugged ballistic fabric exterior
  • High density molded foam
  • Stainless steel belt clip
  • Removable Velcro secured insert carriage