Super Latitude Hydro Venture Dry Bag ( Blue)

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It's pretty simple. You want a dry bag to protect your gear with hassle-free access to it when you need it. Lightweight, urethane coated construction and a full-width clear window: Done. However, the Super Latitude Hydro Venture dry bag augments these basics with more features that make it a clear leader in dry bags. Super seal closure and quick release buckles for starters. Plus the Autopurge (TM) valve automatically expunges excess air when packed into your vehicle, boat or kayak, so you can stuff it, stack it and pack it with no worries about it popping open or getting damaged because of too much air in there. This ultimate waterproof dry bag even has tri-rings for an optional shoulder strap (not included). We offer it in all three sizes to accommodate the size of your trip as well as the size of your kayaking, canoeing, camping and water sports gear, apparel and necessities. Sea for yourself what a owning a quality dry bag is like and you may return for a couple in different sizes for your variety of wet adventures and the people in your life that participate.


  • Small: 7.5" dia x 15"H
  • Approximately 10 liters