The Outfitter Molded Foam Kayak Seat - No Pack

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The standard Outfitter kayak seat was the first of this series to be developed to fill the need for a good performing back support while providing a great value for the money. The Outfitter series kayak seats are the strongest longest lasting kayak seats that we make.

This seat series was originally designed for rental and instructional kayak programs. With that in mine our quest was to make a kayak seat that could withstand the use and abuse typical of a commercial kayak fleet. To say that commercial kayak seats get worked is an understatement to say the least. The Outfitter seat design is in essence, fairly basic. The seat is compression molded under 60 tons of pressure and baked at 400degrees, thereby permanently bonding the fabric to the foam. This process makes our kayak seats last considerably longer that any cut and sewn kayak seat. And believe me on this because we make both kinds. Anyway, the goal was to utilize the webbing as somewhat of a support belt that went around the kayaker, eliminating the stress points associated with sewing, through strategically determined die cut channels. This would encapsulate the webbing at optimum leverage points and eliminate any potential failure due to sewing blowouts. {Not a common issue with our kayak seats but you should see what we get back from rental fleets}. This lacing, as we call it, helps lock the molded foam face of the kayak seat to the heavy duty PVC plastic reinforcement back. This flexible rear plastic panel, the part that gives the paddler all the structure and support, is sewn with thread that is so thick its called cord, to the face as well. This insures that the seat will probably last longer than your boat. Don''t quote me on that but our seats do have a lifetime warranty. Another advantage to this laced webbing system is it facilitates webbing replacement in the rare event of a failure.

The Tall Back Outfitter kayak seat is 13'' high making the seat great for larger paddlers or for someone that wants maximum support. It is extremely easy to adjust and attach to the kayak. This seat is available with an optional generously sized zipper pack that detaches from the seat. The kayak seat pictured above is sold without a pack.


  • Built with our proprietary process of layered foam, fabric, and plastic, compression molded at 400 °F and 60 tons of pressure.
  • 4 point adjustable attachment system for customizable comfort.
  • Seat Back: 13”L x 20”W
  • Seat Cushion: 14”L x 16”W x 3/4”H