Tour Bottom Pad

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The Tour Bottom Pad is a molded foam kayak seat cushion creatively designed to strap around just about any pre-existing hard plastic molded seat. This kayak seat is manufactured from the soft, self-contouring thermal-molded foam that we use in our top-of-the-line GTS seats, making it very durable and long lasting. The thermoformed seats have great performance characteristics when used in kayaks due to the nature of the foam. We use cross linked closed cell EVA foam that is laminated to the fabric under 60 tons of pressure and 400 degrees of heat making it essentially a permanent bond. This compression molding process eliminates water entrapment between the foam and fabric- a common problem in standard cut and sew kayak seats. The process makes the seat virtually waterproof and a whole heck of a lot stronger. The back rest section has a molded in cavity to securely attach to most plastic backs. It comes with webbing and adjustable side release buckles. The bottom pad also has webbing and adjustable side release attachment system. This seat is also molded to fit the contour of most kayak cockpits. This specialty kayak seat combination offers an easy way to add extra padding and support to a wide variety of recreational and closed-deck touring boats. The contoured seat pad measures 15.5" wide x 15" long. The Tour Bottom pad goes well with our Tour Back Rest # KTR603.