Surf To Summit Outfitter Back Band, Sit On Top Kayak Seat, Kayak Back Support, Lumbar Support For Kayaking

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The Outfitter Back Band is our most economical kayak backrest. If you are curious about the advantages of additional back support for your kayak, the Outfitter Back Band is an excellent introductory option. This back band comes without a bottom pad and is designed to provide basic lower back support, which not only makes it a great back fatigue reducer but also one of our best seating options for kayak surfing. In kayak surfing you want the seat to be flexible enough so you can lean back when weight transfer to the rear is needed but at the same time have the back support available when paddling out or waiting for a set. The Outfitter Back Band achieves both these goals simply and effectively.

The Outfitter Back Band is built with our proprietary thermo molding technology so it can withstand the test of time on the water. The backrest is compression molded under 60 tons of pressure and baked at 400°, thereby permanently bonding the fabric to the foam. This process makes our kayak seats last considerably longer than any cut and sewn kayak seat. The unique design of the Outfitter series utilizes the webbing as a support belt around the kayaker, eliminating the stress points associated with sewing through strategically placed die cut channels. Thus the webbing is placed at optimum leverage points, negating any potential failure due to sewing blowouts. Additionally, this lacing process helps lock the molded foam face of the back band to the heavy duty PVC plastic reinforced back. The flexible rear plastic panel, the part that gives the paddler structure and support, is sewn to the face with thread so thick that it is more properly referred to as cord. The Outfitter Back Band expertly combines comfort and support in an affordable package.


  • Weave-through webbing eliminates sewing stress points
  • Marine grade solid brass fittings front and rear
  • Simple installation with basic kayak seat attachments
  • Measures: 20"W x 9"H
  • Back band easily adapts to most sit inside kayaks
  • Simple, economical back support