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The Concept

For years, customers have been asking us when we were going to make a GTS style seat for sit-inside kayaks. Trust us; we've been working on it. But the sheer variety of different cockpit sizes and styles, not to mention attachment methods and hardware, prevented us from creating something that would have the same universal impact as our sit-on-top seats. Then we thought, "Hey! Why are we doing all the work?" Thus, the Tall Back Backband was created. It's more of a kit than a seat really, designed for the mechanically inclined paddler, and we think you're going to love it.

What's in the Kit?

The centerpiece is, of course, the backband. At 23" wide and 14" tall, this cushy, compression molded, foam back support walks the fine line between backband and seatback. Designed to straddle the upper plane of the hull, providing both lower back support in the cockpit and upper back support out the cockpit, the Tall Back Backband is a boon for sit-inside paddlers seeking ergonomically advanced seating solutions. On the front of the backband you'll find thermoformed grooves that help the seatback curve naturally as it adjusts to the shape of your particular cockpit. On the back, a daisy-chain ladder system provides the framework for a variety of rigging options.

As for that rigging, we've included the main strap: a 28" length of 1" wide webbing with a tension lock at each end and two freely adjustable tri-glides in the middle; and four support straps: 36" lengths of 1" wide webbing with a 3" loop at one end. The main strap threads through two loops on the back of the band and serves as the focal point from which the four support straps diverge: two straps head forward, one from each tension lock, and two straps head backward, one from each tri-glide. And that's it. If you're rigging to internal support posts, you may get away with these simple loops. If you're rigging to studs or bolts, you'll need to provide and install your own grommets. If you're rigging to pad-eyes you can come to us for some brass snaps. Get creative and you can successfully affix this versatile seat to almost any sit-inside.


  • Includes: backband, center strap, four support straps
  • Versatile sit-inside kayak back band kit
  • Backband measures: 23"W x 14"H
  • Center strap is 28" of 1" wide webbing with a tension lock on each end and two tri-glides in the middle
  • Each support strap is 36" of 1" wide webbing with a 3" loop at one end
  • Compression molded foam
  • Industrial strength webbing, tension locks, and tri-glides