GTS Pro Molded Foam Kayak Seat – with Water Bottle Pack

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GTS Pro Thermoformed Kayak Seat

Our GTS Pro kayak seat was built with the professional in mind. The new seat boasts a huge 2'' thick contoured bottom and an innovative triangular strapping tension system that locks the seat into place improving both comfort and support. For the paddler who demands day in and day out professional quality and performance the GTS Pro is the only way to go.


The GTS Pro – Fisherman’s Friend

The GTS Pro was developed primarily with the kayak fisherman in mind. Its enhanced features, like the oversized bottom pad, accommodate the larger seat wells that are common on many of the new fishing kayaks. The 2'' extra thick thermoformed EVA foam padding that we added to the bottom section of the seat minimizes leg fatigue and helps the angler maintain comfort throughout a long day of fishing. We made the foam molded upper backrest portion a little shorter than the GTS Elite and the Air Wave without sacrificing any support, for the sole purpose of enhancing the paddler's access to the rear of a kayak's tank well and hatch section.

GTS Water Bottle Pack

This version of the GTS Airwave Kayak Seat comes with our detachable GTS Water Bottle Pack. This pack is comprised of a generously sized zipper pouch and two molded foam water bottle holders, one on each side of the pack. The included Surf To Summit water bottles each hold 16 oz. of your favorite beverage; making this one of the largest capacity packs of its kind. Additionally, you have the option of removing the water bottles and using the holders for any cylindrical object of your choosing. We like to put a soda or other canned beverage in one and a water bottle in the other for a little variety. This pack makes staying hydrated that much easier, and we all know how important that can be when you spend long hours on the water in the heat of the sun. Like all of our GTS packs, the Dual Water Bottle Pack can be traded out for any of the other packs in the line, allowing you to customize your seat for a specific paddling experience.

Kayak Seat Rear Attachment System

We have virtually eliminated that annoying "kayak seat slippage" with our triangulated six-point rear attachment design. In this versatile and infinitely adjustable rear lock down system the paddler pulls the rear of the kayak seat from two adjustable upper points, which determine the lean, and two adjustable lower points, which combat any forward slippage. This method of counterbalancing the pull points secures the seat back to the boat and provides an extremely supportive and comfortable back plane that allows you to not only customize the position of the seat, but makes the kayak seat versatile enough to fit into the broad range of kayaks. From shallow to deep kayak cockpits we have you covered. And, in the unlikely event that you get tossed out of your kayak by an unsuspecting wave, you know that the seat will maintain its positioning thereby greatly facilitating reentry into your kayak.


  • High performance thermoformed kayak seat
  • Marine grade solid brass connecting snaps
  • Multi-adjustable front and rear straps lock seat solidly in position
  • Heavy-duty webbing
  • Comes with GTS Water Bottle Pack
  • Four other GTS Pack options available
  • Seat Back: 15”L x 21”W
  • Seat Cushion: 15”L x 17”W x 2”H