Sonic Back Band

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The new standard in whitewater and performance touring back bands, the Sonic whitewater kayak back band, seamlessly blends comfort, support and economy in a performance-engineered kayak back support essential. At 6.5"-tall and 17"-wide this back band provides optimum back coverage without inhibiting range of motion. The designed in process of our tri-laminate construction where there is a soft EVA foam padding against your back, reinforced with a PVC plastic supportive sheet, encapsulated with another 1/8'' laminated high density foam backing makes this a bomber combination that will fit in most whitewater kayaks. This new generation of thermal-molded soft-conforming foam self-customizes to each paddler. The whitewater back band comes conveniently equipped with both POST (through-tower) and GROMMET (tower-to-deck) attachment options. Installation instructions included. This back band goes great with one of our two different molded foam Hot Seats.


  • Thermoformed foam fabric combination.
  • Great back support for closed deck and sit inside kayaks
  • Built in plastic reinforcement sheet for back support.
  • Easily adapts to your kayak.