Flying Burrito -15', Tie Down Straps, Covered Tie Down Straps (1 set of 2 straps)

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The idea was to create a tie down strap for your boat, canoe or kayak that would be safe to launch over the roof of your vehicle without the fear of dings, scratches or cracked windows and skulls. Since most tie down straps worth their salt have a metal cam buckle, this challenge was appreciated. Enter the Flying Burrito, our solution for the above dreaded dilemma. This unique tie down strap's exclusive thermal-molded foam collar completely encapsulates the cam buckles allowing straps to be fearlessly tossed over car roofs. The clamshell design Velcro''s over the extra webbing, encapsulating it and eliminating annoying freeway flapping noise. The tie down strap is crafted from tough, heavy duty one inch nylon webbing with a marine-rated cam buckle.  A set of 2 straps.