Pop Rivet Pad Eyes

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Have you ever busted a hold down point on the deck of your kayak'' No worries, pad eyes to the rescue. First drill out the broken pad eye and then replace with these. Additionally kayak pad eyes are used for adding more lashing points to the deck of your kayak. They easily attach by drilling corresponding pilot holes in the deck of the boat and then using our pad eye rivets, part # KH104, or click on NEXT in the upper right hand side of this page, to permanently secure the pad eye to the boat. Our aluminum rivets are sea water safe and have built in sealing grommets eliminating any water leakage into the kayak hull. Our pad eyes are made from injected molded plastic.

Product Video

  • http://www.youtube.com/v/3Yrvt1fajhk


  • Dimensions; Pad eye length 2" long.
  • Pad eye rivet hole size 3/16"
  • Pad eye clearance for product attachment 5/16" high.
  • Made from injected molded plastic